Saturday, November 8, 2008

New 4 GB for my SE!

many new single released in the past few weeks drove my hp memory card to its limit despite it has 1 gig space... cant be helped since i studied and heard those new song in the same time, the only entertainment i have lol...

as my 3rd paper finished yesterday, i bring(rider lol) myself to Lowyat and getz some new ad for my own sake... dang! new m2 card with capacity of 4 gig at my services... no more worries after this, bring it on new single! ^^...

as well, i do some survey for NDS and PSP at SW Plaza... mehh... the price is killing me... i'll wait for a little bit more time for NDS-i or PSP-3000 or getz 360 lol... btw, my Ps2 already died, again... F*CKKKKK!!!

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