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Matsuri Ichimatsu, Haruno Koume, and Sanguubashi Takezou are old friends with one thing in common: despite their good looks, they're incredibly unpopular with the ladies. But what does Polaris have to do with their fate? And will they ever get that harem they've always wanted?


i believe many people not so familiar with this manga especially when it comes only with 12 page each chap... author and artist by Anzai Nobuyuki who are famous with Flame of Recca and MAR, combine himself with Nosaka Hisashi and give birth to this manga... the art is appealing and the story's got potential despite at the first impression it looks more like typical high school comedy manga, it turns out to be a fiction + action when the new arc begin...

well, what can be expected a plot from Anzai-sensei... their weapon/ability obviously akin to Flame of Recca and MAR... it just the 'harem' things make me interest reading it XD...

as the summary's said, 3 male leads turns out to be an alien also one of em suppose to be a prince in somewhere planet... 12 gurls from earth has destined to be their wife, 4 for each of em... great isnt it? at the same time those gurls each one of them represent one of 12 zodiac became a protecting charm and supporting power for this heir... the enemy somewhat need to kill this 12 gurls to nullify the protection so that to kill the heir of Polaris become easier... so far 29 chap has been translated and the following site to getz it... :D

download site [HERE]

Messenger from Polaris saves the day

A portion of 12 zodiac

She's mine!

3 of the 12 zodiac

Anzai-sensei's humor always win


Weird, princes using a weird weapon indeed

Combination with the power of zodiac

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