Friday, November 28, 2008

Completed! Akane-iro ni Somarusaka!

Akane-iro ni Somarusaka is the most troublesome eroge i’ve played so far... yeah, thanks to Nagomi with her mass mindrape’s question that will effect the whole path i’ve taken either it will success or failed... if failed, it will end just like that, Yuuhi going back home, no ero stuff among the gurls and even with her parting with Jun doesn’t have some touching moment too, despite her route is the most paramount, with Jun barging into her wedding with Fuyuhiko and claimed her XD... though I wonder if the anime plot will end like that too, or it will follow Minato’s route where she and Jun doesn’t have any blood relationship...

with a quite common plot for harem-school life parody, 6 route to be chosen, Yuuhi, Minato, Tsukasa, Nagomi, Mitsuki and a special route, Mikoto where her path only will be unlocked when already finished one of another 5 route, this special route created only just for her (lolwut)... she's acting as Jun’s childhood friend where Jun already forget bout her(mehh, another common type)... too bad, Karen’s route only available in PS2 version but PS2 version contain no ero stuff...

Eyecandys for each ending :3

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