Friday, November 28, 2008

Shin Koihime Musou this week result!

Renfa won the 5th seat

Ryomou Shimei got my vote XD

undoubtedly this site is must for me to drop in even for a while... and the winner of the 5th weeks is... *drumrools* it's RENFA!!! not bad for one of my favorite XD ... not just that, the new gameplay's guide for this game has been added... nice, it is better than the previous one, looks more like RPG + strategy, we can see each character skill in action unlike just shouting and "oryaaaaa!"... yet i just found out that PS2 version for the 1st one has more CG than PC version despite it is non-ero, fair enough... i should be glad if they combine both PC and PS2, and SKM is the result of it...

From PS2 version

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