Friday, November 28, 2008

Completed! Lyrical Lyric!

not complete my holiday without eroge, and with a week internet connection absent, i fill it with to competed this game, all route obviously... first impression about this game is it’s just like another school life parody but it turns out to be magical gurls stuff... oh well, at least it got awesome portrait and quite easy to choose with route you’re into since the hint is clear like crystal...

4 route, actually 5 but Tomoe Hagiwara path is more like unrelated to the real plot (magical and fantasy stuff), a short tale and normal life... the real plot obviously goes to Nanao Asakura, act as a childhood friend to the male lead, her ending quite typical for magical gurl chronicle... the 2nd route I’ve take, Rin Tamaki my favorite in this game, she act as a school idol and her first encounter with male lead is bumping each others, despite she become my favorite, her ending is not so tempting and makes me disappointed with it... the 3rd route, Kuu, a gurl from magical world has given task to search for male lead, act as a ice queen, silver haired and red eyed (classic, it’s classic indeed), her ending is the most sweet among those 4, absolutely... and the 4th route, Arietta path aka a path for lolicon lol... she act as a princess in magical world, played piano well and her route is a heartbreaking way, the male lead forced to parting with her since they’re from a different world, then in the future where the lead become a teacher, a student (didn’t show her face) played piano where the rhythm is matching with Arietta’s, either she is Arietta or not, it left the plot cliffhanger and the only hint is the lead called her Arietta and she didn’t denied it :3

Nanao Asakura path!

Rin Tamaki path!

Kuu path!

Arietta path!

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