Friday, November 28, 2008

Macademi Wasshoi!


Magician's Academy revolves around Takuto Hasegawa, who attends a magic academy that is not marked on any map. During a summoning spell exam, he accidentally creates a girl named Tanarot, who happends to hold enough magical power to destroy his country, but fortunately Tanarot professes undying loyalty to her "creator."


first impression, it just another typical fantasy + harem and yet another prediction out off track... it’s contain a mass of comedy stuff where it’s quite similar to... no, it’s definitely in the same league like Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, crazy and unnatural stuff, a boy summon a gurl as his tsukaima (familar), with a timid-looking gurl where her personalities change when she release her tied hair, and a staff where it can transform into hawt gurl.. . i’ve holding this one since it’s subs is slow and it is worth to watch, definitely.. . the OP song just a decent but ED song, i like it for sure XD...

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