Saturday, November 22, 2008

New sportswear

i skrew-up my money again, eventhough i save it to buy either PSP or NDS... and again, without thinking twice, Nike Tiempo Natural II, size 7 with soft pearl and dark + metallic gold color in my hand tho i'm attract to it coz of the figure is my tatse... and then, the seller take a spare at the store and give it to me, "try it"... dam, i cant resist her, such a cute seller in such a extravagance shop, what a suitable spice... and then, it's so soft and fluffy... ahh... those shoes indeed when i wear it... when she bring it to the counter, my hand trembling take out 3 piece of paper with 50 numbers print in it... luckily i've be given free stuff, it just a soccer bands though which it price still stick in it... RM18.90... wtf! i want to change it with sock but the deal failed, she's not in charge there, no worries coz one day i'll make her the one in charge there XD... nuff said, after this, no more takraw-shoes in futsal court lol *Lelouch evil laugh*

Nike Tiempo desu~

Free stuff

p/s: this may the last post for this time... i'll depart to my sista house tonight, spend the whole week there without internet connection... huhuhu T_T

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