Friday, November 28, 2008

No internet randomness shit!

one-week-no-internet-life turn me off in every way, I fell like a frog in bowl... around my sista’s resident didn’t have any cc to hang-out with, no either transport or public transport to fooling around... thanks to my latop, I’ve made a preparation for this... downloading bunch of not-so-old-anime and eroge (only one made in time)... but still, I’ve 2 days left but all stuff has been complete... to kill some times, I’ve defragment my hard disk, do some arrangement stuff, discard unnecessary files, selecting new wallpaper, scheme for a new avatar and signature... bwahhh! it is still not solving my problem, no internet fuckers... if truth be told, I found something that overkill my mind, my anime’s OP, ED and character song collection is over 10GB and just separated it by internal and external harddisk... fufufu, but still the space for my anime and eroge still didn’t take into account coz I left some in my desktop pc where its capacity around 400GB (320GB + 80GB) and almost full...



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