Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shin Koihime Musou rant!

i just back from a trip in the official site and brings back some souvenir XP... actually i'm so excited for this one, furthermore, it has more than a month before the released date and i dont know if i'm still available here, at my hometown to download it... ore wa yasumi is going to end afterall...

well, my first spotlight about the Romance of Three Kingdoms was Ikkitousen manga indeed, and ever since that i've concern about RTK tales and drag me to play Dynasty Warrior... firstly i'm quite fond for the Wu faction, and letter after Koihime Musou, Shu become my favorite, well it had been set like that from beginning to the end in Shu route...

and this new one rather will be not disappointed coz it all to the player to choose favorable kingdom and be a partner(?) instead the leader... ahh, i'll miss the way they call me gokujin-sama nor aruji... hmmm, it doesn't really matter as long i getz what i want XD... just wait for me Touka-chan~

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